BB V Free Foresters

Free Foresters - 201 off 48.4

BB - 205 for 7 off 38.1

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe”  Gail Devers, 100 Meters double Olympic champion

What a difference a week makes. A new surface at Torry Hill, no overnight rain and the cover firmly in place and as the coin landed, Free Foresters skipper Askew had no hesitation in reaching for the long wave radio and sending his noble side into bat.

BB took to the field with Hulbert & Meredith bowling the kind of lines only Cornish fisherman can be proud of. The catching practice that commenced for those in the slip cordon went from the sublime from Regan in the gully to the ridiculous as five chances went down in the first half hour. Hulbert forced to take total ownership, knocking out Kings off-stump for 50 after four catches had been put down.

Enter The Hon Cornwallis & Brother Regan stage left. The BB were clinical in the afternoon session, reducing the Free Foresters to 201 all out, having been sitting pretty at 116-4 at the break. Excellent bowling, fielding and catching capped off by a diving Wilkes-Green in the deep. It was an awesome display.

Boucher, fresh from a resignation and a long awaited return to the Kentish Countryside, was a delight to watch as he pieced together surely what was to be a match winning knock against a strong new ball duo from the Foresters. But a middle order collapse left the BB 135 for 6 with 12 overs left to play in the evening session. 

Words, let alone text, cannot begin to describe what happened next. Peter Hale, only 24 hours from his call up, strode out to face a spin attack that had put paid to the middle order. 22 balls later and the match was over. Clinical, one day striking that made Torry Hill look like the village green, Hale left the scene of the crime with 54 to his name and the BB winning by 3 wickets. 

As Devers said, all things are possible for those who believe. 

Hale believed. 

The dream is alive. 

friendly Band of Brothers v Free Foresters
Sunday, August 06 2017 (11:40) at Torry Hill
Band of Brothers Won By 3 wickets
Free Foresters won toss and decided to bat
Free Foresters
Kings Jb Hulbert FW50
Eadon T+c Regan BMHb Hulbert FW5
Atkinson Tb Hulbert FW0
Northgate-Green Sc and bCornwallis FAWM The Hon33
Oduwole Bst Hale P (g)b Regan BMH49
Barker Lc Wilkes-Green JJb Regan BMH19
Turk Pb Regan BMH2
Peters Tc Unknownb Regan BMH0
Ireland Jc Meredith WCOb Hulbert FW31
Smith Dc Hale P (g)b Cornwallis FAWM The Hon9
Askew T*not out0
Extrasb0 lb1 w2 nb0 pen03
Total (48.4 overs)201
Hulbert FW13.423940 (0)0 (0)
Meredith WCO8.004700 (0)0 (0)
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon16.036522 (2)0 (0)
Regan BMH11.014940 (0)0 (0)
Band of Brothers
Schilder SJb Peters T13
Boucher TRClbwb Kings J64
Ratcliffe T (g)b Peters T4
Wilkes-Green JNLc Eadon Tb Turk P8
Wilkes-Green JJc Kings Jb Turk P22
Bruce WU*c and bTurk P10
Hulbert FWnot out24
Hale P (g)+st Eadon Tb Turk P54
Regan BMHnot out0
Meredith WCO
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon
Extrasb4 lb0 w1 nb1 pen06
Total (38.1 overs)205-7
Smith D8.112801 (1)0 (0)
Peters T6.012520 (0)0 (0)
Turk P13.007340 (0)0 (0)
Ireland J7.013600 (0)0 (0)
Kings J4.013910 (0)1 (1)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: B Hulks & G Jackson
Scorers: DJ Gittings & none provided

BB V Bluemantle's

Bluemantle's v Band of Brothers
Monday, July 31 2017 (11:01) at The Nevill
Band of Brothers Won By 208 runs
Bluemantle's won toss and decided to field
Band of Brothers
Baldwin J (g)c Hobden Cb Ogden T10
Cornwallis FAWM The Honc James Ab Ogden T6
Hulbert FWc James Ab Hobden C19
Smallwood JJCb Hobden C62
Davey TW+not out101
Regan BMHb Elliott E26
Richardson PBc Elliott Nb Ogden T15
Hulbert FTnot out33
Collingwood RC (+)
Maclean C (+)
Churchill MJ*
Extrasb6 lb1 w19 nb4 pen030
Total (45.3 overs)302-6d
Elliott E9.004712 (2)0 (0)
Ogden T10.007534 (10)2 (2)
Soucek Q6.002902 (2)0 (0)
Hobden C10.307221 (1)0 (0)
Ferguson T4.003401 (1)0 (0)
MacDonald A2.00700 (0)0 (0)
Braxton N2.001101 (3)2 (2)
Elliott N2.002000 (0)0 (0)
James A+run out (Cornwallis FAWM The Hon)30
Elliott Nb Richardson PB4
Soucek Qc Davey TWb Hulbert FT0
MacDonald Ac Smallwood JJCb Richardson PB11
Braxton Cb Richardson PB0
Hobden Cb Collingwood RC (+)17
Ferguson Tb Hulbert FW19
Ledson Jb Baldwin J (g)0
Ogden T*b Maclean C (+)0
Elliott Enot out4
Braxton Nc Regan BMHb Maclean C (+)3
Extrasb0 lb3 w3 nb0 pen06
Total (34.3 overs)94
Richardson PB7.031931 (3)0 (0)
Hulbert FT6.011110 (0)0 (0)
Smallwood JJC1.00100 (0)0 (0)
Collingwood RC (+)8.032210 (0)0 (0)
Maclean C (+)8.332720 (0)0 (0)
Hulbert FW3.02410 (0)0 (0)
Baldwin J (g)1.00710 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Showers Pitch: Green
Umpires: S Chilmaid & I Fraser
Scorers: DJ Gittings & DJ Gittings

BB V Shepway Stragglers

Shepway Stragglers - 279 for 7 d off 48 overs

BB - 221 for 7 off 42 overs

Match Drawn

A Shepway Stragglers side arrived suited, booted and clearly excitable about the prospect of being included in the Band of Brothers fixture list for the first time in decades but for many it was a return to the inter BB game from earlier in the Summer with over 80% of players taking the field found in the 2017 Mystery. A glorious sight reminding the Club of the strength and depth of cricketing ability we have.


BB won the toss on a breezy Sunday morning after a weekend spent cowering from deluges of rain. No bad thing, especially when the hover cover at Torry Hill had been blown off overnight. BB took to the field with plenty of wind in their sails. Excitement was to be short lived….with the exception of Hulbert, the BB attack lacked penetration on an uncovered wicket that a certain Geoffrey Boycott (OBE) would have still ‘bahtted' first on. 48 long overs later after a delayed start the declaration came at 3.45pm setting BB 280 to win. Hulbert the pick of the bowlers with 16 overs 1 for 68.


With Kimber LBW in the first over, fresh from a Saturday night to be forgotten, the BB where staring down the barrel of a rapidly drying, uneven surface that was beginning to turn. Pask cemented the innings with a strong 70, supported by Bruce before the second studio album title by British rock band Coldplay forced the skipper to run past one and head for the pavilion. With Pask falling and Regan & Burge departing courtesy of two run-outs it was left to Brother of the Match Hulbert to steady the ship. BB closing on 221 for 7, with not out Norwood Hill left wondering what a sporting declaration, an eleventh Brother and luck being on BB side might have done for the W column of the 2017 campaign.

friendly Band of Brothers v Shepway Stragglers
Sunday, July 30 2017 (11:36) at Torry Hill
Band of Brothers won toss and decided to field
Shepway Stragglers
Smallwood AJC+lbwb Burge KDS (g)39
Boyd Moss JLc (sub)b McClean C (g)79
Smallwood JJCc Kimber TR (+)b Patel CS (g)53
Simpson BTMPlbwb Patel CS (g)19
Baker White WGJc Kimber TR (+)b Hulbert FW17
Allport TBb Regan BMH18
MacLeod RWDst Kimber TR (+)b Regan BMH23
Snape HDMnot out8
Mitchell PMB*not out16
Snape TGW
Tapp WRN
Extrasb1 lb3 w2 nb1 pen07
Total (48.0 overs)279-7d
Hulbert FW16.036810 (0)0 (0)
Patel CS (g)16.018321 (1)0 (0)
Pask AT (+)5.003501 (1)0 (0)
Norwood Hill AG4.003700 (0)0 (0)
Burge KDS (g)3.012010 (0)1 (1)
McClean C (g)2.001410 (0)0 (0)
Regan BMH2.001820 (0)0 (0)
Band of Brothers
Kimber TR (+)+lbwb Snape HDM0
Bruce WU*st Smallwood AJCb Mitchell PMB37
Pask AT (+)c Smallwood AJCb Tapp WRN70
Burge KDS (g)run out (Allport TB)0
Patel CS (g)c and bAllport TB19
Regan BMHrun out22
McClean C (g)c and bMacLeod RWD10
Hulbert FWnot out44
Norwood Hill AGnot out0
Brown EWH
Extrasb8 lb1 w6 nb4 pen019
Total (42.0 overs)221-7
Snape HDM11.004211 (1)4 (4)
Snape TGW4.002404 (4)0 (0)
Mitchell PMB11.024611 (1)0 (0)
Allport TB8.005110 (0)0 (0)
Tapp WRN5.003410 (0)0 (0)
MacLeod RWD3.011510 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: J Widgery & n provided (EVER!)
Scorers: DJ Gittings & N Tapp

BB V Belmont House Trustees XI

BB - 205-9 (39.5 overs)

Belmont House Trustees XI - 110  (24 overs) 

BB arrived at Belmont House well aware that the Brethren were undefeated this year. I am pleased to report that the run continued, thanks to a 95-run victory.


As always with this fixture, the match ebbed and flowed. Having been put in, BB began strongly in warm conditions; Simon Schilder, who had flown in from Jersey especially, opened the innings with a fine 46, ably supported by Brothers Cornwallis (17), Jay (32 – off the mark with a straight six) and candidate Oscar Ratcliffe (38).


But a BB batting slump after lunch - collapsing from 124 for 2 to 204 all out – suggested they had enjoyed the coronation chicken, chocolate gateaux and wine a little too much. That said, there were signs of quality from guests Ted Ratcliffe and Zac Hassan, who we hope to see more of in the future.


Various BB members were receiving updates at Lord’s, while watching England demolish South Africa, and nervously waited for news of the Trustees’ reply. Early wickets were needed and Alex Cornwallis duly delivered, striking twice before tea. 


Guest Charlie Hamilton provided good support at the other end, bowling up the slope, but skipper Alex Rice made the next breakthrough, having Neaves caught at slip by Schilder, who reacted well to a parry from keeper Matt Jay.


Sensing that luck was on his side, Rice bowled with increasing confidence and proceeded to record his best-ever BB figures of 6 for 25. Carl Reading chipped in with a valuable lbw, Hamilton took a fine catch in the deep to get rid of the Trustees’ top-scorer N. George, and victory was completed by a sharp run out from Hassan. Having been 67 for 3, the Trustees were dismissed for just 110.


So #thedreamisstillalive but just as importantly it was a tremendous day’s cricket and lived up to its billing as one of the friendliest fixtures of the season. Special thanks to the Trustees’ match manager, Henry Birch, not only for the wonderful hospitality but also for stepping in to represent BB at the last minute. We hope his winning debut didn’t disappoint him too much.


friendly Belmont House Trustees XI v Band of Brothers
Sunday, July 09 2017 (11:30) at Belmont House
Band of Brothers Won By 95 runs
Belmont House Trustees XI won toss and decided to field
Band of Brothers
Schilder SJlbwb Ahmed S46
Cornwallis FAWM The Honb Morris L17
Jay MG+c O'Connor Pb Ahmed S32
Ratcliffe OJK (+)b Morris L38
Reading CHlbwb Boshier G2
Ratcliffe T (g)b Hill T10
Hassan Z (g)c George Nb Hill T10
Rice AEH*c George Nb Morris L7
Hamilton C (g)not out1
Birch H (g)b Morris L0
Extrasb24 lb2 w16 nb0 pen042
Total (39.5 overs)205-9
Morris L6.505041 (1)0 (0)
Hills C11.023402 (2)0 (0)
Ahmed S7.003625 (9)0 (0)
Hill T10.023621 (2)0 (0)
Boshier G5.002311 (2)0 (0)
Belmont House Trustees XI
Ahmed Sc Ratcliffe T (g)b Cornwallis FAWM The Hon4
George N+c Hamilton C (g)b Rice AEH43
Boshier Rlbwb Cornwallis FAWM The Hon0
Neaves Jc Schilder SJb Rice AEH0
Morris Lb Rice AEH20
Harrison Slbwb Reading CH0
O'Connor Pc Cornwallis FAWM The Honb Rice AEH0
Wright Ac Schilder SJb Rice AEH0
Hill Trun out23
Hills Cb Rice AEH4
Boshier G*not out0
Extrasb4 lb0 w10 nb2 pen016
Total (24.3 overs)110
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon4.001125 (5)0 (0)
Hamilton C (g)4.302102 (2)0 (0)
Rice AEH9.012560 (0)0 (0)
Hassan Z (g)3.003102 (3)1 (1)
Reading CH4.001810 (0)1 (1)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard

BB V The King's School Canterbury

The School - 97 - All out

BB - 98 for 2 off 15 overs 

The BB completed a resounding victory over a weak King’s Canterbury to #keepthedreamalive winning by 8 wickets half way through the afternoon session.


Will Montgomery did a sterling job as proxy skipper by winning the toss and inserting the school. Ollie Mann and Piers Richardson shared the new ball and caused immediate damage with Mann picking up a wicket in the first over. Richardson then went to work on the top order reducing King’s to 24-5 with a probing line forcing a callow batting line up into a series of intermediate shots. Richardson was cruelly hauled out of the attack with figures of 5-3-5-4 to be replaced by Hector Raw who deserves special mention for the 12 hour drive from Scotland in order to make the fixture. He duly picked up an early scalp and was unlucky not to take a second due to an (un)characteristic drop from Ben Regan. This one aberration aside, the fielding with particularly sharp with nine catches being held close to the bat. Olly Reynolds chimed in with a well-deserved wicket before a stubborn 7th wicket partnership was broken by Finn Hulbert’s off breaks. Regan then finished off the tail with two wickets in three balls as King’s were dismissed on the stroke of lunch for 97.


The BB went about chasing the total with the experienced Marcus Pyke and Tim Kimber both of whom wasted little time in seeing themselves in. They were dismissed for 33 and 27 respectively to two sharp catches before Oli Tikare and Hulbert completed the job in dismissive fashion as BB reached the target in just 15 overs. All in all this was a vintage BB performance celebrated over a couple of afternoon ales at Ye Olde Beverlie.

BB V Provender CC

Glorious sunshine and a stunning ground greeting the BB as they sought to continue the club’s good 2017 form against Provender CC. The late arrival of the skipper meant that there was no time to discuss tactics with his team before going to the middle for the coin toss. A bit of moisture in the wicket meant the correct cricketing decision was to bowl first, which was duly elected. This proved an unpopular choice amongst his team mates who were looking forwards to tucking into the open bar early, with Brother Richardson leading the calls for a mutiny. As if to prove a point the BB’s premier opening bowler floated down two full tosses in his opening over to give Provender a strong start, both being struck to the boundary. Brother Meredith started from the other end and his bad luck for 2017 continued as he bowled an excellent line and length but the slow nature of the wicket preventing him for being as penetrative as one would expect. Richardson responded well from his first over by striking the first blow in his second, removing an inform looking right hander with an excellent in-ducking Yorker.

Meredith continued his miserly form, giving little away and Richardson continued to beat the outside edge of the number three but the incredibly slow nature of the pitch prompted a change of tactic as pace was taken off the ball. Candidate Collingwood bowled a tight spell but it was Brother Churchill who bowled the standout spell of spin bowling for the Brethren this season. Varying his pace and bounce to claim an unprecedented 5 victims at regular intervals; bowling two, claiming two caught behind the wicket and deceiving another in the flight for a catch in the ring. He was well supported by Brother Mclean, in his first game as a full member, who overcame a difficult start at the hands of Brother Will Hilton, playing for the opposition, who scored an excellent 53. Mclean, using the slope well, claimed 3 victims, notably Hilton to an excellent catch from Brother Churchill, diving full length at mid-off and bowling a Muralitharan-esque off break to bowl a right hander middle stump whilst attempting a cut shot. At lunch the BB had Provender reeling at 146-9 through some excellent bowling and supported by the best BB fielding display of the season. This was led by Candidate Ratcliffe, who saved around a dozen runs with some excellent ground fielding and sharp catching in the slips from Brother Traill. A usual excellent spread followed with Richardson’s earlier strop punished by being given the bowl immediately after lunch. In typical style he shrugged this off to claim the last wicket, fittingly another excellent diving catch from Churchill, to dismiss Provender for 158.


The BB chase began excellently with Junior BB Moen and Candidate Kimber scoring regular boundaries against the Provender pace attack, passing 50 in the 9th over. A change of tactic from the opposition, bringing on a pair of off-spinners, one who exploited the pitch superbly, extracting sharp turn and bounce. He accounted for Kimber, out caught on the mid-wicket boundary for 34 and Brother Traill in quick succession to put the brakes on BB chase. However Moen showed he has a bright future by striking a classy 50, full of flicks off his legs and a couple of towering 6s. Brother Boucher, playing his first game of the season, soaked up a lot of pressure, using his stride to nullify the off spinner and took the BB to 97-2 before he was undone by a good slower ball to be caught and bowled. This sparked a fast collapse as Ratcliffe was undone by the flight of the off-spinner, Moen fell to a splendid boundary catch for 54 and Brother Mclean to a bat-pad catch at silly point to leave the BB 105-6 at Tea and the remaining 54 runs required seeming a distant target. At tea the skipper attempted to limit the tails alcohol consumption, a request that was promptly ignored but thankfully Collingwood and Churchill played an excellent partnership after tea to take the wind from Provender’s sails, Collingwood surviving an excellent 35 deliveries on a slow and difficult deck before falling to a boundary catch to leave the BB requiring only 30 to win. The skipper, Brother Regan, joined Churchill but was only required to play a supporting role. Churchill, as if 5 wickets and two stunning catches were not enough for him, scored 32 not out off 72 balls to see the Brethren home with 3 wickets to spare.

All in all a thoroughly successful day, our thanks go to Provender CC and most particularly Graeme Smith, our host, whose generosity in welcoming us to his spectacular ground is much appreciated. Keep the dream alive.

BB V Sutton Valence School

Another wonderful scene at Sutton Valence for the annual fixture against the school with the pitch looking flat and more importantly 3 of the match day XI running late the toss was won and the decision was made to bat; despite the overcast conditions.

Brothers Maurice and Humphrey took to the crease to find some rather nippy openers waiting for them. They both did well and took the shine off the ball until Brother Humphrey fell to the younger and quicker of the two brothers. Our No. 3, Brother Regan, was still nowhere in sight so an unceremonious promotion up the order for Meredith Senior was made. The partnership of Maurice and Meredith was short lived as the former middled a late cut, rather unluckily, straight to point; enter the tardy Regan on 13-2.

With this new partnership, the runs began to come a little more freely and the innings began to take shap. Regan moved swiftly onto 20 and Meredith hit the first six of the innings after a slow start leaving the fielding side beginning to look a little dejected. Their mood was further hampered by an incident whereby Brother Regan returned a blistering drive to the bowler (accidentally it must be said) resulting in play being suspended for some time whilst the bowler was tended to. Fortunately the bowler took most of the pace off the ball with his hand however this left a nasty graze on his chin and a rather dented thumb meaning the blows were too much to stay on - we do hope it is nothing serious! Despite this loss of their 1st change bowler and runs coming freely, the home team were rewarded some compensation in form of a dodgy call for a quick single from Meredith. This left Regan treading water and with a direct hit he was removed from the crease at 59-3. With the partnership broken the wickets began to tumble from there on in. Guest Morse earned himself a 4 ball duck against the leg spinner, followed by Meredith Senior, Richardson and Meredith Junior falling to the same bowler in the space of 3 overs reducing The BB to a teetering 86-7.

Enter Brethren Hulbert and Collingwood. From the side-lines they looked to be batting on and a against a completely different pitch and opposition. Finn struck a huge six over midwicket and in no time had brought up his 50. Reuben at the other end was looking just as comfortable, reaching his 50 with comparable ease. At 86-7 BB were in big trouble, however with some reverse sweeps, crisp hooks and a couple drops we were soon back in a commanding position on 215-7. Rueben fell on 62 leaving Finn at the other end in the nervous-nineties and ending a desperately needed partnership of 129. Another quick wicket of Luke Cross and our No. 11 Calvo was in the thick of it.

With those in the pavilion assuming Calvo would play it safe so Finn can get his hundred, we couldn’t have been more wrong. He struck 3 fours (one of which was a reverse pull) off his first 4 balls, however Finn eventually got the strike back and completed a much needed ton just in time, as Calvo was out shortly after. This gave the talented leg spinner his well-deserved 5-wicket-haul (perhaps a member for the future?) and ending the BB innings on a competitive score of 264 all out.

The 2nd innings was kicked off by Brethren Richardson and Meredith Junior taking the new ball as SV began their chase. First ball to the No. 2 bat and Piers had him caught behind, comfortably taken by Oli Humphrey; the scoreboard read 1-1. With the openers tails up and both bowlers beating the bat regularly we were sure to have another wicket soon; sadly this was not the case. The next wicket came at 52 runs, shortly after tea with a bit of leg spin of our own in the form of Luke Cross. Another 3 quick wickets fell soon after from the tidy bowling of Reuben (claiming 2) to remove the remaining opener and with Luke taking the other wicket with an excellent stumping from Brother Humphrey leaving the scoreboard at 70-4.

Our guest, Mr Morse was thrown the ball and in his first over took a wicket in what was another inspirational bowling change. The catch was taken superbly by Brother Calvocoressi at gully, one handed at that!

The next three wickets were taken in quick succession by Regan, Collingwood and Hulbert leaving the opposition on 117-8 with the BB only requiring one more wicket (as the bowler who was retired from the first innings was unable to return to the field), the end was surely nigh. Think again. A regulation dolly, dropped by the Skipper (who shall remain nameless) fielding at short mid-off. Could that be the game?

A further 8 overs passed and we were into the final 6 balls of this time game. Regan was thrown the ball and given orders that under no circumstances could this game end in a draw. He duly obliged and with his first ball their final wicket was sent packing being caught leg-before.

Despite this last minute plot twist, the game was won and we inflicted our revenge on SV from last year’s loss and the BB dream is very much still alive.

I’d like to thank all that were able to play and Sutton Valence School for their generosity and hospitality as always. Hopefully the exhibition of talent and sheer determination to win will bring with it a new band of brother once they complete their education at Sutton Valence.

The School Sutton Valence v Band of Brothers
Sunday, June 25 2017 (11:32) at Sutton Valence
Band of Brothers Won By 93 runs
Band of Brothers won toss and decided to bat
Band of Brothers
Maurice AMc Edwards Wb Aiken E6
Humphrey OHW+b Aiken T0
Meredith HJR*b Roy-Mukherjee R39
Regan BMHrun out (Aiken E)20
Morse D (g)lbwb Roy-Mukherjee R0
Hulbert FWnot out103
Richardson PBb Roy-Mukherjee R1
Meredith WCOb Roy-Mukherjee R0
Collingwood RC (+)c Drewe Jb Aiken E62
Cross LR (+)b Aiken E0
Calvocoressi CJc Aiken Eb Roy-Mukherjee R20
Extrasb2 lb3 w8 nb0 pen013
Total (49.2 overs)264
Aiken E12.025132 (7)0 (0)
Aiken T9.023911 (1)0 (0)
Webb M2.00900 (0)0 (0)
Roy-Mukherjee R14.219650 (0)0 (0)
Edwards W11.005400 (0)0 (0)
Bevan-Thomas J1.001000 (0)0 (0)
The School Sutton Valence
Roy-Mukherjee Rc Maurice AMb Collingwood RC (+)31
Aucamp Jc Humphrey OHWb Richardson PB0
Bevan-Thomas J*c Hulbert FWb Cross LR (+)23
Drewe J+st Humphrey OHWb Cross LR (+)14
Law Mc Regan BMHb Collingwood RC (+)9
Loxton-Barnard Hc Calvocoressi CJb Morse D (g)2
Edwards Wb Regan BMH1
Lazarides Tnot out40
Aiken Tc Collingwood RC (+)b Hulbert FW16
Aiken Elbwb Regan BMH21
Webb M
Extrasb4 lb4 w5 nb1 pen014
Total (39.1 overs)171-9
Richardson PB6.011510 (0)0 (0)
Meredith WCO5.012400 (0)0 (0)
Cross LR (+)6.003521 (1)0 (0)
Collingwood RC (+)6.011820 (0)0 (0)
Regan BMH5.102720 (0)1 (1)
Morse D (g)3.001110 (0)0 (0)
Calvocoressi CJ2.001403 (3)0 (0)
Hulbert FW5.001911 (1)0 (0)
Meredith HJR1.01000 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: B Hulks & P Higgins
Scorers: DJ Gittings & D Hammond

BB V The School, Tonbridge

The School - 198 

BB - 200 for 3 off 33.4 overs 

The School Tonbridge v Band of Brothers
Tuesday, June 20 2017 (11:24) at Tonbridge School
Band of Brothers Won By 8 wickets
The School Tonbridge won toss and decided to bat
The School Tonbridge
Robinson Brun out (Glynn William LJA (ex B))9
Bryan N*b Wright N (ex B)18
O'Reardon Jc Scott M (g)b Hulbert FW9
Winder Cb Glynn William LJA (ex B)41
Purves Mlbwb Hulbert FW11
Geffen Fc Oliver J (g or +)b Berger T4
Forster Hrun out (Hulbert FW)23
Gilliland Sc Coldman T (ex B)b Scott M (g)19
Geffen T+c Oliver J (g or +)b Scott M (g)1
Oster CVnot out19
Huggett STSc Scott M (g)b Smallwood JJC10
Pettman HPN
Extrasb8 lb5 w18 nb3 pen034
Total (43.1 overs)198-10
Hulbert FW6.001720 (0)0 (0)
Wright N (ex B)5.004713 (11)1 (1)
Glynn William LJA (ex B)6.002410 (0)0 (0)
Berger T5.004215 (5)1 (1)
Macleod H (g)11.032702 (2)1 (1)
Scott M (g)10.032820 (0)0 (0)
Smallwood JJC0.10010 (0)0 (0)
Band of Brothers
Pollington TA (B or +)not out69
Coldman T (ex B)c O'Reardon Jb Gilliland S66
Baker White WGJc Geffen Tb Gilliland S0
Smallwood JJC*c Geffen Tb Oster CV47
Hulbert FWnot out2
Scott M (g)
Glynn William LJA (ex B)
Macleod H (g)
Wright N (ex B)
Oliver J (g or +)+
Berger T
Extrasb1 lb2 w9 nb4 pen016
Total (33.4 overs)200-3
Forster H4.004501 (5)4 (4)
Oster CV6.402810 (0)0 (0)
O'Reardon J4.012401 (1)0 (0)
Gilliland S4.001520 (0)0 (0)
Huggett STS7.003503 (3)0 (0)
Pettman HPN6.013600 (0)0 (0)
Geffen F2.001400 (0)0 (0)
Weather: sun and very hot Pitch: Hard
Umpires: S Chilmaid & P Higgins
Scorers: DJ Gittings & J Arscott

BB V Royal Engineers

Royal Engineers 295-4d

BB 298-4

BB won by 6 wickets

A clash of cricketing styles met at Torry Hill as two old foes went head to head in search of victory. The Royal Engineers represented a modern approach to cricket arriving in their matching kit and quickly setting up numerous warm drills and embarking on a series of team huddles, the B.B adopted a more traditional approach arriving seconds before the toss and with one man short.

The Royal Engineers lost the toss and Brother Robinson inserted them into bat confident that his well-balanced team would restrict the run flow and chase down whatever target was set. Brother Richardson and Cornwallis put early pressure on the opening pair and beat the bat on a number of occasions. It was Brother Cornwallis who made the early breakthrough, bowling into a strong wind the lithe fast bowler got the ball to jag back off a good length and trap the opening batsmen L.B.W.

B.B pressed for a further breakthrough through the bowling of candidate Collingwood who impressed with his tight lines however he was unable to hang onto a sharp caught and bowled chance. It was the introduction of Brother Robinson which set the tone for the day for both sides, in his first over two straightforward chances were offered up, one from either batsman but neither opportunity was snaffled. Having received an extra life, the two Royal Engineers batsmen proceed to punish the B.B attack and highlighted the gaps in the field due to the missing 11th man. On a lighting fast outfield, the Royal Engineers made it to lunch at 165-1.

After lunch, it looked like the carnage would continue with both batsmen bringing up their centuries but a quick brace from Collingwood pegged the scoring rate together with some accurate bowling from Preece, Cross and Regan following his brief flirtation with the wicket keeping duties. An inspired bowling change saw Brother Richardson return to the attack and send the off-stump cartwheeling with his first ball. The Royal Engineers called a halt to their innings after 50 overs at 295-4.

Following further Royal Engineers huddles the action resumed with Candidate Kimber showing some good old-fashioned Aussie aggression to hit two boundaries from the first over. Brother Regan at the other end made a shaky start nicking one to the wicket keeper who shelled the straight forward chance before flicking the ball to square leg only to see the ball grounded again. The Royal Engineers paid a huge price for their early sloppiness with both batsmen finding the boundary on regular occasions. At tea, the B.B were up with the run rate with all wickets in hand and the run chase was very much on.

Shortly after tea Candidate Kimber holed out bring Brother Cornwallis to the crease at 101-1. What followed was a stand of 174 between Brothers Regan and Cornwallis which will compare favourably to any batting partnerships in the clubs long and proud history. The ball was dispatched to the boundary with such frequency that at times the fielders spent longer in the long grass trying to retrieve the ball then they did on the field of play.  Both batsmen fell in quick succession with 20 still needed. Useful cameos from Collingwood and Douglas got the BB close to the line before it was left to Luke Cross to face the final over with 6 still needed. With the spectators chewing their finger nails Cool hand Luke delivered the knock blows dispatching the first two balls to the boundary and delivering a hard fought and well-deserved victory.

The Royal Engineers had provided extremely stiff opposition and batted extremely well during the middle of the day making it a highly enjoyable game for all parties which was played in the right spirit. Almost six hundred runs were scored in the day with three batsmen scoring centuries, two of which were dropped in single figures. A fielding coaches worst nightmare.  

Band of Brothers v Royal Engineers
Sunday, June 11 2017 (11:36) at Torry Hill
Band of Brothers Won By 6 wickets
Band of Brothers won toss and decided to field
Royal Engineers
Reed C*c and bCollingwood RC (+)114
Phillips Slbwb Cornwallis FAWM The Hon20
Ryder S+not out127
Hudson Pc Richardson PBb Collingwood RC (+)0
Richards Jb Richardson PB14
Freeman Wnot out5
Brooks J
Ross J
Claytor A
Stroud-Caules TD
Johnson J
Extrasb4 lb3 w5 nb3 pen015
Total (50.0 overs)295-4d
Richardson PB9.022910 (0)0 (0)
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon7.014211 (1)1 (1)
Collingwood RC (+)10.024120 (0)0 (0)
Robinson OHB5.004601 (1)1 (1)
Cross LR (+)5.003301 (2)0 (0)
Preece CJ (g)6.004001 (1)0 (0)
Regan BMH8.005700 (0)1 (1)
Band of Brothers
Kimber TR (g)c Freeman Wb Ross J57
Regan BMH+c Brooks Jb Stroud-Caules TD110
Cornwallis FAWM The Honb Stroud-Caules TD85
Collingwood RC (+)c and bRoss J10
Douglas JS (+)not out2
Cross LR (+)not out10
St Clair George JJA
Preece CJ (g)
Richardson PB
Robinson OHB*
Extrasb15 lb7 w1 nb1 pen024
Total (38.2 overs)298-4
Freeman W4.003001 (1)1 (1)
Johnson J4.003300 (0)0 (0)
Stroud-Caules TD11.206720 (0)0 (0)
Ross J14.0010220 (0)0 (0)
Richards J5.004400 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: C Stokes
Scorers: DJ Gittings & none provided

BB V Standard Athletic Club, Paris

BB - 285-8 dec. from 41.3 overs

SAC - 188 -8 from 43 overs 

Match Drawn

This was an excellent cricket match, hosted at Torry Hill in glorious sunshine.  The Brethren welcomed Standard Athletic Club, Paris, who featured many familiar faces.

The Bruce brothers were the stand-out performers with the bat: Tom, opening the batting, making 73 before falling LBW to their most successful bowler; and Will, striking from number four, scoring a fine 79.  Cameos from Brothers Page and Regan, and Rumph (guest) helped the Brethren to a very competitive 285-8 dec. from just 41.3 overs.

In reply, the tourists made a strong start, passing 100 with no loss of wicket.  However, with both openers dismissed, Brother Berger ripped through the Parisian middle order, finishing with exceptional figures of 6-29.  The Brethren just couldn’t take the final two wickets, and thus recorded a winning draw, with Standard Athletic recording almost 100 fewer runs than the BB managed in a very similar number of overs.

As ever, it was an honour and a pleasure to host our friends from Paris.  It is great to see their wonderful club in such good health, and we are already looking forward to next year’s fixture.

The Match Manager – unavailable through injury – thanks all the players, scorers, groundsmen, caterers and spectators who made the match a success, with a special note of appreciation for Brother Page for captaining the side on the day.

Band of Brothers v Standard Athletic Club, Paris Standard Athletic Club Paris
Saturday, May 27 2017 (11:35) at Torry Hill
Standard Athletic Club, Paris Standard Athletic Club Paris won toss and decided to field
Band of Brothers
Page TE*c Groom Rb MacIntyre B24
Bruce TOlbwb MacIntyre B73
Smallwood JCCc Kumar Sb MacIntyre B13
Bruce WUc Ahmed Sb Thomas A79
Attwood Wb Ahmed S2
Rumph C (g)not out26
Kemp S (g)lbwb Shetty S4
Holden-Craufurd M (+)+b Shetty S5
Regan BMHc Dennis Ab MacIntyre B35
Berger T
Attwood S
Extrasb6 lb1 w13 nb4 pen024
Total (41.3 overs)285-8d
Ahmed S11.009111 (1)4 (4)
Groom R3.012402 (2)0 (0)
MacIntyre B13.318544 (4)0 (0)
Shetty S10.006421 (1)0 (0)
Thomas A4.001413 (5)0 (0)
Standard Athletic Club, Paris Standard Athletic Club Paris
Thomas A*c Bruce WUb Berger T38
Kumar S+c Bruce TOb Page TE76
Grant Jlbwb Berger T20
Dennis Albwb Berger T0
Shetty Slbwb Berger T0
Ahmed Sb Attwood S16
Willey Pb Berger T0
Madden Tb Berger T1
Parkin Rnot out5
Groom Rnot out0
MacIntyre B
Extrasb8 lb1 w17 nb6 pen032
Total (43.0 overs)188-8
Attwood S6.002015 (6)1 (1)
Kemp S (g)8.003502 (2)0 (0)
Smallwood JCC7.004301 (1)1 (5)
Regan BMH7.022301 (1)0 (0)
Page TE6.022411 (1)0 (0)
Berger T7.002966 (6)0 (0)
Attwood W2.00500 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: J Widgery & C Davey
Scorers: DJ Gittings & none provided

Chief's XI v BB XI

BB - 366-3d

Chief's XI - 161-9


The weather was kind to us for the 2nd inter BB match. A glorious Torry Hill day made even better by the copious quantity of excellent food, drink and music.

The teams were, once again, selected on the morning and Will Bax skippering the Chief's XI decided to have a bowl, an interesting choice given the lack of options at his disposal!!!  By lunch the BB XI were rattling along apace. 150 on the board with both openers scoring freely, aided and abetted by some very ordinary fielding from the Chief's men. Lunch eventually arrived, none too soon for Bax, and fortunately was an elongated affair. The excellent spread accompanied by some sparkling jazz.

After lunch the cricket proceeded unchecked. More dazzling stroke play, some errant bowling and fielding; the net result a brilliant, 46 ball, hundred by Ben Regan, alongside 132 from candidate Kimber at the top of the order, encouraging the declaration from captain Cornwallis at 366-3.

It was always going to be a big ask to chase such a total and despite positive intent the Chief's XI never quite got going. Hilly top scored with a fluent 38, the remaining batsmen struggling to hit their straps. However, cometh the hour cometh the Hon. Secretary, Anthony Fincham. Who where others had dismally failed, proceeded to resist the onslaught of a rare but rampant Will Montgomery to see out the last 10 overs and secure an ill deserved draw.

All in all a splendid day, graced by a very one sided contest but played with the spirit and camaraderie one would expect of this Band of Brothers.

Will Bax

Band of Brothers v BB Chief's XI
Sunday, May 21 2017 (11:36) at Torry Hill
BB Chief's XI won toss and decided to field
Band of Brothers
Kimber TR (g)c Humphrey OHWb Norwood Hill AG132
Roberts N (g)c Jay MGb Bax WR86
Regan BMHnot out102
Holden-Craufurd M (+)b Norwood Hill AG0
Gore Tnot out4
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon*
Montgomery WR
Schilder MD
Schilder JM (g)
Whyte PJ+
Berger EB
Extrasb9 lb2 w28 nb3 pen042
Total (37.1 overs)366-3d
Hamilton-Brown R12.007900 (0)1 (1)
Oakes W (g)2.003106 (16)0 (0)
Deveson MJ (+)4.003602 (3)1 (1)
Jay MG4.003506 (6)0 (0)
Bax WR8.007210 (0)0 (0)
Norwood Hill AG5.006422 (3)1 (1)
Berger T2.103800 (0)0 (0)
BB Chief's XI
Schilder SJlbwb Montgomery WR6
Page TElbwb Cornwallis FAWM The Hon10
Jay MGst Whyte PJb Montgomery WR19
Hamilton-Brown Rc and bMontgomery WR17
Humphrey OHW+c Roberts N (g)b Berger EB1
Deveson MJ (+)lbwb Berger EB10
Bax WR*lbwb Berger EB1
Norwood Hill AGb Montgomery WR38
Berger Tc Berger EBb Schilder MD10
Oakes W (g)not out4
Fincham ALRnot out19
Extrasb7 lb1 w16 nb2 pen026
Total (37.0 overs)161-9
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon4.002614 (9)0 (0)
Montgomery WR12.033940 (0)0 (0)
Berger EB11.034330 (0)0 (0)
Schilder JM (g)3.001201 (1)0 (0)
Gore T3.00801 (1)1 (1)
Schilder MD4.012511 (5)1 (1)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: D Collard & A Collard
Scorers: DJ Gittings & DJ Gittings

BB V Eton Ramblers

Declaration match

Eton Ramblers - 252-7d (51.2 overs)

BB - 256-8 (37.2 overs)

Result - BB win


With the threat of rain early on, an umpire lost between Torry Hill and Belmont House and discussions between the Brethren as to the best option moving forward, Brother Cornwallis stepped out to do the toss. The toss won by the Band of Brothers and the Eton Ramblers were inserted in to bat with the hope of a bit of damp in the wicket and some movement early on. The sun came out and the wicket dried up with the Ramblers having a good start before lunch and getting to 122 for 2 when we headed into The Orangery at Belmont for chicken and bacon pie.

A full lunch was had by all and Brother Ben Regan and guest Callum Booker continued the bowling directly after lunch with Booker making an early breakthrough.  It seemed as if the lunch had invigorated the Brethren and wickets began to fall with Richardson taking 2, Regan 1 and a run-out, it seemed as if the Band of Brothers had the Ramblers on the ropes although with the Ramblers’ Captain at the crease and a destructive number 7 batsman, the Ramblers squeaked their way up to 252 for 8 when the declaration was made having batted for approximately 52 overs.


The pads were put on by Kimber and Cornwallis who got the Brethren off to a good start getting up to 50 without loss when the Ramblers took two wickets in quick succession just before tea, leaving the Brethren 72 for 2 with plenty of time remaining and Brothers Bruce and Regan at the crease.


A fairly casual and average tea was had with Bruce and Regan keen to get on and get out there with a view to start strong in the final session.  Brother Regan continued his destruction with the bat whilst Bruce at the other end knocked the ball around sensibly and then very unluckily through a fantastic catch by the Eton Ramblers’ keeper, down the leg side via a thin leg glance meant that Bruce had to head back to the pavilion as Brother Gore headed out to the Crease.


The runs continued to flow with Regan passing his 50 and Gore heading into the early 20s. With the final 20 overs to go, the Brethren were at 158 for 3 with a rather simple equation of 95 to win off the 20 overs.  Gore then fell for 28, Booker received a jaffa” first ball to clean him up sending in Brother Richardson.  The Brethren were now 6 down - a daunting task ahead with 14 overs to go, 4 wickets in hand and 60 runs to get.  Regan continued his powerful hitting display and then finally fell in the 90’s sending in Brother Calvocoressi.  Richardson was on fire and Calvocoressi stuck around – the Brethren moving on to 204 for 7 with 11 overs remaining and the match delicately poised.

Some may have said that Brother Calvocoressi was beginning to shut up shop but a couple of sneaky edges through the slips made sure that wasn’t the case and it was very much game on.


In amongst this carnage, we were still waiting on our umpire to appear from Torry Hill and having received a message from Brother Alex Norwood Hill informing us that the Ump was still on his way (It was now 6pm) thinking this could lift morale yet there was still no sign. There were muffles of Edenbridge and hope of a white coated man appearing over the horizon.


With 32 to win and Richardson and Calvocoressi at the crease, the Ramblers brought back their opening bowler to a crushing Richardson salvo 4, 4, 6 from the 1st 3 balls, leaving the Brethren with 18 to win as the shadows lengthened over Belmont.


Calvocoressi then fell on 228 sending in Onslow, another guest who had been peppered with the ball during the fielding display showing nasty bruises on and around the knees and delicate areas.


With Richardson at the crease and his eye now definitely in, he picked his moment and the balls. The man who had hit him around the park earlier was getting his pay-back with the runs needed decreasing boundary by boundary from 17 to 13 then finally only 6 were needed.   Brother William Bruce could not contain his glee on the boundary ropes as the remaining spectators were biting their nails. Richardson then clattered the winning runs with great aplomb and with 5 overs to spare to boot. 


A fantastic victory for the BB and one that will always be remembered.


Still no sign of the umpire at Belmont as the match ended………Hilly!!!!!


The Band of Brothers chased down a total of 252 in 37.2 overs having bowled 52 at the Ramblers.  Credits to Brother Regan for his 90, Brother Richardson for his 60, and Brother Gore and Guest Kimber for their 28’s, all helping the Brethren on to their way to a fantastic win!!


Brother Alex Cornwallis

friendly Band of Brothers v Eton Ramblers
Sunday, May 14 2017 (11:25) at Belmont House
Band of Brothers Won By 2 wickets
Band of Brothers won toss and decided to field
Eton Ramblers
Halstead J+lbwb Richardson P21
Roy Jb Booker C (g)55
Honey Bc Gore Tb Regan BMH24
Maidment Ec Cornwallis FAWM The Honb Richardson P20
Robertson Wc Bruce WUb Richardson P19
Loup Gc Bruce WUb Cornwallis FAWM The Hon68
Bullman Jrun out0
Mould P*not out24
Roy M
Eckett T
Griffin C
Extrasb9 lb5 w5 nb2 pen021
Total (51.2 overs)252-7d
Richardson P14.027830 (0)1 (1)
Calvocoressi CJ7.014303 (3)1 (1)
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon5.202112 (2)0 (0)
Regan BMH16.024910 (0)0 (0)
Booker C (g)7.002610 (0)0 (0)
Kimber T (g)2.002100 (0)0 (0)
Band of Brothers
Kimber T (g)c Halstead Jb Roy M28
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon*c Halstead Jb Roy M20
Bruce WUc Halstead Jb Roy M11
Regan BMHc Robertson Wb Griffin C90
Gore Tc and bBullman J28
Berger EB+lbwb Griffin C4
Booker C (g)b Griffin C0
Richardson Pnot out56
Calvocoressi CJc Halstead Jb Roy M8
Onslow T (g)not out0
Richardson G (g)
Extrasb0 lb1 w7 nb3 pen011
Total (37.2 overs)256-8
Roy M11.017342 (6)0 (0)
Griffin C12.007531 (1)3 (3)
Eckett T4.003100 (0)0 (0)
Bullman J6.005710 (0)0 (0)
Loup G4.211900 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: J Gundry-White
Scorers: DJ Gittings

BB V Old Amplefordians

Declaration match

Old Amplefordians - 323 - 3 declared

BB - 298-7

Result - Draw

The Season opener did not disappoint on a glorious bank holiday weekend at HQ.  Over 600 runs were notched up in an exciting draw, played on an absolute road that was the glorious Torry Hill wicket.

The unusually dry weather of late meant the outfield was lightening quick and having won the toss, against all advice BB decided to bowl, with Brother Norwood Hill giving his top order a chance to acclimatise to the conditions with 2 arduous sessions in the field. The high point being an ungainly run out by the skipper languishing at gully, thus bringing about a generous and early declaration from the opposition after only 40 overs.   

Chasing 323-3 declared, the second innings started well with Brothers Streatfeild (38), Jasper Smallwood (88) and Traill (44) all in the runs complimented by Brother Toby Marriott who filled his boots with a chanceless century red, leaving the field unvanquished on 111 Nelson with BB only 25 runs from snatching an unlikely and impressive victory.

The draw was a fair result, the day a fantastic opening salvo enjoyed by both teams who retired to the Chequers in Doddington for a debrief. The cracking show put up by BB, as well as the spirit in which the match was played bodes well for a promising Season ahead!

Brother Alex Norwwod Hill - Hon Match Secretary BB

Band of Brothers v Old Amplefordians
Sunday, April 30 2017 (11:32) at Torry Hill
Band of Brothers won toss and decided to field
Old Amplefordians
Greaves O+not out149
Codrington Lc Traill SGb Smallwood JJC78
O'Kelly Cb Traill SG14
Clapham Jrun out (Norwood Hill A.G)53
Faulkner A*
Faulkner P
Ainscough H
Hawkesworth C
Wood O
Walker D
Woodhead F
Extrasb16 lb4 w8 nb1 pen029
Total (42.0 overs)323-3d
Meredith HJR10.005501 (2)0 (0)
Richardson P7.013301 (1)0 (0)
Henderson JM5.005000 (0)0 (0)
Rice AEH3.003200 (0)0 (0)
Smallwood JJC10.008213 (3)0 (0)
Traill SG6.003912 (2)0 (0)
Wilkes-Green JJ1.001200 (0)1 (1)
Band of Brothers
Smallwood JJCb Clapham J88
Streatfeild RBc Woodhead Fb Clapham J38
Traill SGlbwb Clapham J42
T Marriott THnot out111
Wilkes-Green JJb Clapham J0
Norwood Hill AG*c Greaves Ob Codrington L3
Henderson JMb Codrington L2
Whyte PJ+c and bCodrington L4
Rice AEHnot out0
Richardson P
Meredith HJR
Extrasb3 lb3 w4 nb0 pen010
Total (50.0 overs)298-7
Hawkesworth C7.005401 (1)0 (0)
Faulkner A6.012901 (1)0 (0)
Clapham J16.008640 (0)0 (0)
Ainscough H3.003001 (1)0 (0)
Wood O4.002600 (0)0 (0)
Codrington L11.023730 (0)0 (0)
Woodhead F3.003001 (1)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: B Hulks & E Stirzaker
Scorers: DJ Gittings & D Meredith

BB vs Sussex Martlets

Martlets - 134

BB - 135 - 2

Band of Brothers Won By 8 wickets



Congrats to the victorious Brethren who, masterfully lead by Boris Streatfeild vanquished a strong Sussex Martlets side at Arundle Castle yesterday (30 Aug 2016) and big thanks to Diane Gittings our invaluable scorer for this match and all her efforts this Season. Losing the toss BB took to the field with 9 men - the Hon Match Sec and Brother Brown ending up in Petworth at the Arundel Castle public house not cricket ground no thanks to googlemaps! FINE!!! This did not deter our fearless brigade as sublime spells from brothers Finn and Fredd Hulbert relentlessly probing the 'corridor ofuncertainty', ably supported by the gun speed of Harry Meredith and spin wizardry of Ben 'doosra' Regan and not forgetting some deft glove work (3 catches) from Pedro White and' a juicy 'wonder catch' at gully from Norwood Hill, had the Martlets reeling at 134 all out just after lunch! The second innings loomed - a potentially tricky total to get but cometh the hour cometh the men, as Brothers Matt Shales and Man of the Match, Fred Hulbert both notched up classy half centuries valiantly assisted by Brothers Page and Stubbs as BB cruised to an easy win, both teams in the Black Rabbit on the river by 5pm. Happy Days and a great way to end the Season! Bravo!!

Friendly Sussex Martlets v Band of Brothers
Tuesday, August 30 2016 (11:19) at Arundel Castle
Band of Brothers Won By 8 wickets
Sussex Martlets won toss and decided to bat
Sussex Martlets
Loughton Hb Meredith H8
Reynolds Mc Whyte PJb Meredith H15
Montgomery Jlbwb Meredith H24
Hartland Ilbwb Hulbert Finn (+)0
Self Jb Hulbert Freddie (+)5
Waylett Jb Regan BMH30
Bushell J+c Whyte PJb Regan BMH1
Ritchie S*c Norwood Hill AGb Hulbert Freddie (+)0
Hartland Pnot out16
Horsham Dc Whyte PJb Hulbert Finn (+)17
Frean Rb Hulbert Finn (+)0
Extrasb6 lb11 w0 nb1 pen018
Total (34.0 overs)134
Meredith H7.004130 (0)1 (1)
Hulbert Finn (+)9.022430 (0)0 (0)
Hulbert Freddie (+)8.021820 (0)0 (0)
Regan BMH7.022520 (0)0 (0)
Stubbs JDE3.01900 (0)0 (0)
Band of Brothers
Page TEb Loughton H10
Shales MJWnot out54
Hulbert Freddie (+)c Reynolds Mb Horsham D58
Stubbs JDEnot out11
Hulbert Finn (+)
Brown NT
Norwood Hill AG
Regan BMH
Whyte PJ+
Streatfeild RB*
Meredith H
Extrasb2 lb1 w0 nb1 pen04
Total (27.4 overs)137-2
Montgomery J6.021500 (0)1 (1)
Loughton H5.002410 (0)0 (0)
Frean R3.002200 (0)0 (0)
Hartland P3.011900 (0)0 (0)
Horsham D4.011510 (0)0 (0)
Hartland I2.002500 (0)0 (0)
Self J3.00800 (0)0 (0)
Reynolds M1.40600 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: A Rodgers
3rd Umpire: J Betts Announcer/Scoreboard Scorers: DJ Gittings & L Newcombe

BB vs I Zingari

IZ -  290-5 d (49 overs)

BB - 277-4 (37 overs)

Match drawn

On one of the hottest days of the year the BB assembled at Torry Hill to take on I Zingari in the latest instalment of what has always been a highly enjoyable and dramatic fixture over the last few years.


On winning the toss, the IZ captain seemed to think that the M20 had taken a turn into the deepest corner of the Kentish countryside and had no hesitation in batting.  This initially looked to be a questionable decision as Ed Prest found an edge with his first ball only to see it fly benignly through the vacant fourth slip area.  Piers Richardson also had a good opening spell (in spite of his recent shoulder injury) and sent their left-hander swiftly on his way by inducing a nick (expertly snaffled by Pedro Whyte) immediately after said batsman has injudiciously opted to sport a jazz cap in place of his lid.  Thereafter the other IZ opener and number 3 made hay throughout the morning session, taking advantage of the very quick outfield, until Ben Regan was rewarded for some wily off spin by having their number 3 caught by Ed Prest at mid-on.  At 153-2 at lunch, IZ looked well set to post a formidable total, however the BB rallied well after lunch with tight bowling from Hector Raw and Toby Marriott helping to stem the flow of runs.  Toby was the pick of the bowlers with 3 wickets and should have had more.


At half time the IZ declared with 290 on the board, which the BB openers then set about chasing down in determined fashion.  Tom Page in particular was in sublime form as he regularly dispatched their very quick opening bowler for a number of boundaries with a combination of bravery and elegant timing.  Unfortunately the tea break seemed to do for Pageoire as he was triggered soon after the interval for a very well made 36.  Sam Traill then entered the fray and maintained the momentum of the run chase superbly with a great display of controlled aggression, keeping the IZ fielders consistently busy leather-searching in the long grass.  After an excellent 65 he was castled by a big in-swinger, bringing Ben Regan to the crease.  After a customary display of belligerent batting, he was then unlucky to be given out lbw to a ball which may (or may not) have been sliding down leg.  Thereafter, whilst the skipper and Toby Marriott did their best to keep the target in sight, the run rate unfortunately just got away from us and we fell 14 short with only 4 wickets down.


It had been a valiant effort by BB to get so close, particularly bearing in mind that IZ faced 49 overs to our 37, but yet again a hugely enjoyable day's cricket between these two old rivals.


Marcus Pyke

Friendly Band of Brothers v I Zingari
Sunday, August 14 2016 (11:23) at Torry Hill
I Zingari won toss and decided to bat
I Zingari
Burne Tlbwb T Marriott TH118
Gillions Wc Whyte PJb Richardson P0
Wynne-Griffith Dc Prest EHb Regan BMH56
Mills Hlbwb T Marriott TH44
Pratt Gnot out16
Case A+b T Marriott TH0
Gammell Cnot out16
Poole-Wilson W*
Khot O
Leschellas A
Wallis C
Extrasb18 lb4 w18 nb0 pen040
Total (49.0 overs)290-5d
Richardson P13.035112 (2)0 (0)
Prest EH6.004700 (0)0 (0)
Raw H (+)6.004701 (1)0 (0)
Regan BMH16.027510 (0)0 (0)
Traill SG3.002106 (11)0 (0)
T Marriott TH5.002733 (4)0 (0)
Band of Brothers
Pyke MJA*not out111
Page TElbwb Khot O36
Traill SGb Burne T65
Regan BMHlbwb Burne T15
T Marriott THc Wallis Cb Burne T21
Douglas JSnot out2
Raw H (+)
Richardson P
Prest EH
Whyte PJ+
T Marriott TW
Extrasb5 lb9 w11 nb2 pen027
Total (37.0 overs)277-4
Wallis C7.005802 (6)1 (1)
Burne T11.024231 (1)0 (0)
Pratt G2.001202 (2)1 (1)
Khot O12.009410 (0)0 (0)
Wynne-Griffith D1.001301 (1)0 (0)
Mills H4.004401 (1)0 (0)
Weather: mixed sun and cloud possible rain Pitch: Dry
Umpires: D Collard & A Collard
Scorers: DJ Gittings & Double scored



BB vs Linton Park

Friendly Linton Park v Band of Brothers
Thursday, August 11 2016 (13:01) at Linton Park
Band of Brothers Won By 3 wickets
Linton Park won toss and decided to bat
Linton Park
Austin Blbwb Jeram M (g)27
Thirkell Wc Newport Ab Whyte T (+)8
Thirkell Dc Quensel J (g)b Cross LR (+)61
Welsman Lc Cross LR (+)b Quensel J (g)3
Piper Rc Lord Cornwallisb Quensel J (g)11
Castle Tb Cross LR (+)9
Presnell N+c Newport Ab Cross LR (+)9
Knowler Jnot out52
Harris Mc Jeram M (g)b Cross LR (+)2
Wright Tnot out5
Harris J*
Extrasb5 lb2 w29 nb2 pen038
Total (47.2 overs)225-8d
Whyte T (+)8.213510 (0)0 (0)
Oakes W (g)3.002109 (19)0 (0)
Cornwallis The Hon FAWM7.003003 (3)0 (0)
Jeram M (g)6.021410 (0)0 (0)
Quensel J (g)10.012820 (0)0 (0)
Cross LR (+)10.006342 (7)1 (1)
Lock D3.002700 (0)1 (1)
Band of Brothers
Newport Ac Presnell Nb Harris M63
Deveson MJ (+)b Knowler J0
Quensel J (g)b Thirkell W39
Jeram M (g)c Austin Bb Wright T31
Oakes W (g)lbwb Harris M1
Cross LR (+)b Harris M1
Lock Db Thirkell W17
Cornwallis The Hon FAWM*not out47
Whyte T (+)not out9
Lord Cornwallis
Whyte PJ+
Extrasb5 lb4 w3 nb6 pen018
Total (47.4 overs)226-7
Knowler J8.005011 (1)0 (0)
Thirkell W13.425020 (0)0 (0)
Wright T10.003710 (0)0 (0)
Castle T6.002800 (0)1 (2)
Austin B2.001500 (0)3 (3)
Harris M8.003732 (2)1 (1)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: B Bull
Scorers: DJ Gittings & NoneProvided

BB vs Junior BB

Junior BB - 130 - 9 - 20 overs

BB - 131 - 7 - 16 overs

BB WIN with 3.4 overs to spare

The day kicked off with an astonishing squad of 12 players strong despite the utter panic that set in with the match manager requiring 3 players with just 24 hours to go before the toss. Given our position, Mark Pettman, who sourced 3 of the final XI, stepped down from the starting XI to prevent himself from being torn between his true BB colours and his managerial post for the Junior BB.


Thankfully all XI arrived promptly accompanied by the stand in scorer David Meredith. Then with the toss being lost to the Junior BB’s skipper electing to bat first, the first innings was off. And off to a flyer it was, with balls finding their way to the boundary more frequently than seemed reasonable, additionally salt was rubbed in the wounds when a ball, off a tidy Will Meredith over, was dropped giving the Junior’s a let off to continue their destructive ways, certainly no respect for your elders evident here!


With the opening pair on  80-0 off 9.5 overs the game was beginning to slip from the BB’s grasp, however a timely wicket from Monty allowed for some control back to the BB. With 4 more wickets following swiftly, by way of a brace from a revived Cornwallis and a further two for Monty, the favour of the game quickly swung into BB's favour, as it so often can during these T20 instalments.


The Junior BB’s tail exposed, pace was injected back into the innings through the Meredith brothers and Finn Hulbert, with the elder of the brothers picking up two wickets and Finn getting one through a regulation catch behind from the guest wicket-keeper Mr Biggs, whom managed to get a crafty run out on the last delivery of the innings.


The interval saw the Junior BB post 130-9 from their 20 overs which was a competitive total, especially with the knowledge of the depth in their bowling coupled with weather systems that can only be described as bipolar at best.


With both teams revitalised through their preferred brand of refreshments the second innings was ready to start. Jono and Oscar Ratcliffe opened the batting, smashing ten from the first over, a promising start. However this was short lived and from there we saw Jono clothing one to point which was met with the biggest send-off of the day due to the abundance of current Tonbridge students present in the opposition. This wicket was then followed by 6 more falling at regular intervals over 7 overs, leaving the BB in somewhat of a predicament although our run rate was still healthy. Messers Biggs (38*) and Monty (32*) seemingly nonplussed, proceeded to carve balls through cover and back over the bowlers heads to produce an unbeaten partnership worth 67. This got us comfortably over the line with 3 wickets and 3.4 overs to spare, finally putting an end the Junior BB's rampant form over this season.


Handshakes, biscuits, cake and photos followed the BB victory until a trip to the Red Lion was undertaken in aid for some post-match analysis and a well deserved beer.


Thank you to all of those who took part in this game, especially to Ollie Balcombe (Junior BB), Jono Arscott and Ted Ratcliffe who all stepped forward with very little notice to help us produce a match winning performance (scorecard and photos attached).

The future of BB cricket is bright indeed


Harry Meredith

T20 normal Band of Brothers v Junior BB
Thursday, August 04 2016 (15:00) at Belmont House
Band of Brothers Won By 4 wickets
Junior BB won toss and decided to bat
Junior BB
Bissett AJ (B)+c Balcombe O (B)b Cornwallis The Hon FAWM48
Ward OC(B)b Montgomery WR29
Pettman THS(B)*c Biggs G (g)b Cornwallis The Hon FAWM8
Forster H (B)c Balcombe O (B)b Montgomery WR1
Pettman HPN(B)b Montgomery WR1
Menary SDB(B)c Biggs G (g)b Hulbert Finn (+)8
Oster C (B)c and bMeredith HJR1
Winsper E (B)run out (Biggs G (g))7
Huggett STS(B)b Meredith HJR8
Moen LO(B)not out1
Lavercombe R (B)
Extrasb7 lb0 w11 nb0 pen018
Total (20.0 overs)130-9
Meredith WCO4.002100 (0)0 (0)
Cornwallis The Hon FAWM4.002720 (0)0 (0)
Meredith HJR4.001920 (0)0 (0)
Hulbert Finn (+)4.003010 (0)0 (0)
Montgomery WR4.002630 (0)0 (0)
Band of Brothers
Radcliffe O (+)c Menary SDB(B)b Forster H (B)8
Arscott JPc Ward OC(B)b Oster C (B)7
Ward Hc Pettman HPN(B)b Forster H (B)13
Biggs G (g)+not out38
Ratcliffe T (+)c Bissett AJ (B)b Ward OC(B)0
Balcombe O (B)st Bissett AJ (B)b Winsper E (B)6
Hulbert Finn (+)c Bissett AJ (B)b Oster C (B)4
Montgomery WRnot out32
Cornwallis The Hon FAWM
Meredith HJR*
Meredith WCO
Extrasb4 lb0 w19 nb1 pen024
Total (16.2 overs)132-6
Pettman THS(B)2.001400 (0)0 (0)
Oster C (B)2.201320 (0)0 (0)
Forster H (B)2.001320 (0)0 (0)
Ward OC(B)2.00810 (0)0 (0)
Lavercombe R (B)2.001500 (0)0 (0)
Winsper E (B)1.001010 (0)0 (0)
Moen LO(B)2.002000 (0)0 (0)
Huggett STS(B)2.002100 (0)0 (0)
Pettman HPN(B)1.001400 (0)0 (0)
Weather: not recorded Pitch: not reported
Umpires: No Information Provided & No Information Provided
Scorers: D Meredith & M Pettman