BB V Eton Ramblers

Declaration match

Eton Ramblers - 252-7d (51.2 overs)

BB - 256-8 (37.2 overs)

Result - BB win


With the threat of rain early on, an umpire lost between Torry Hill and Belmont House and discussions between the Brethren as to the best option moving forward, Brother Cornwallis stepped out to do the toss. The toss won by the Band of Brothers and the Eton Ramblers were inserted in to bat with the hope of a bit of damp in the wicket and some movement early on. The sun came out and the wicket dried up with the Ramblers having a good start before lunch and getting to 122 for 2 when we headed into The Orangery at Belmont for chicken and bacon pie.

A full lunch was had by all and Brother Ben Regan and guest Callum Booker continued the bowling directly after lunch with Booker making an early breakthrough.  It seemed as if the lunch had invigorated the Brethren and wickets began to fall with Richardson taking 2, Regan 1 and a run-out, it seemed as if the Band of Brothers had the Ramblers on the ropes although with the Ramblers’ Captain at the crease and a destructive number 7 batsman, the Ramblers squeaked their way up to 252 for 8 when the declaration was made having batted for approximately 52 overs.


The pads were put on by Kimber and Cornwallis who got the Brethren off to a good start getting up to 50 without loss when the Ramblers took two wickets in quick succession just before tea, leaving the Brethren 72 for 2 with plenty of time remaining and Brothers Bruce and Regan at the crease.


A fairly casual and average tea was had with Bruce and Regan keen to get on and get out there with a view to start strong in the final session.  Brother Regan continued his destruction with the bat whilst Bruce at the other end knocked the ball around sensibly and then very unluckily through a fantastic catch by the Eton Ramblers’ keeper, down the leg side via a thin leg glance meant that Bruce had to head back to the pavilion as Brother Gore headed out to the Crease.


The runs continued to flow with Regan passing his 50 and Gore heading into the early 20s. With the final 20 overs to go, the Brethren were at 158 for 3 with a rather simple equation of 95 to win off the 20 overs.  Gore then fell for 28, Booker received a jaffa” first ball to clean him up sending in Brother Richardson.  The Brethren were now 6 down - a daunting task ahead with 14 overs to go, 4 wickets in hand and 60 runs to get.  Regan continued his powerful hitting display and then finally fell in the 90’s sending in Brother Calvocoressi.  Richardson was on fire and Calvocoressi stuck around – the Brethren moving on to 204 for 7 with 11 overs remaining and the match delicately poised.

Some may have said that Brother Calvocoressi was beginning to shut up shop but a couple of sneaky edges through the slips made sure that wasn’t the case and it was very much game on.


In amongst this carnage, we were still waiting on our umpire to appear from Torry Hill and having received a message from Brother Alex Norwood Hill informing us that the Ump was still on his way (It was now 6pm) thinking this could lift morale yet there was still no sign. There were muffles of Edenbridge and hope of a white coated man appearing over the horizon.


With 32 to win and Richardson and Calvocoressi at the crease, the Ramblers brought back their opening bowler to a crushing Richardson salvo 4, 4, 6 from the 1st 3 balls, leaving the Brethren with 18 to win as the shadows lengthened over Belmont.


Calvocoressi then fell on 228 sending in Onslow, another guest who had been peppered with the ball during the fielding display showing nasty bruises on and around the knees and delicate areas.


With Richardson at the crease and his eye now definitely in, he picked his moment and the balls. The man who had hit him around the park earlier was getting his pay-back with the runs needed decreasing boundary by boundary from 17 to 13 then finally only 6 were needed.   Brother William Bruce could not contain his glee on the boundary ropes as the remaining spectators were biting their nails. Richardson then clattered the winning runs with great aplomb and with 5 overs to spare to boot. 


A fantastic victory for the BB and one that will always be remembered.


Still no sign of the umpire at Belmont as the match ended………Hilly!!!!!


The Band of Brothers chased down a total of 252 in 37.2 overs having bowled 52 at the Ramblers.  Credits to Brother Regan for his 90, Brother Richardson for his 60, and Brother Gore and Guest Kimber for their 28’s, all helping the Brethren on to their way to a fantastic win!!


Brother Alex Cornwallis

friendly Band of Brothers v Eton Ramblers
Sunday, May 14 2017 (11:25) at Belmont House
Band of Brothers Won By 2 wickets
Band of Brothers won toss and decided to field
Eton Ramblers
Halstead J+lbwb Richardson P21
Roy Jb Booker C (g)55
Honey Bc Gore Tb Regan BMH24
Maidment Ec Cornwallis FAWM The Honb Richardson P20
Robertson Wc Bruce WUb Richardson P19
Loup Gc Bruce WUb Cornwallis FAWM The Hon68
Bullman Jrun out0
Mould P*not out24
Roy M
Eckett T
Griffin C
Extrasb9 lb5 w5 nb2 pen021
Total (51.2 overs)252-7d
Richardson P14.027830 (0)1 (1)
Calvocoressi CJ7.014303 (3)1 (1)
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon5.202112 (2)0 (0)
Regan BMH16.024910 (0)0 (0)
Booker C (g)7.002610 (0)0 (0)
Kimber T (g)2.002100 (0)0 (0)
Band of Brothers
Kimber T (g)c Halstead Jb Roy M28
Cornwallis FAWM The Hon*c Halstead Jb Roy M20
Bruce WUc Halstead Jb Roy M11
Regan BMHc Robertson Wb Griffin C90
Gore Tc and bBullman J28
Berger EB+lbwb Griffin C4
Booker C (g)b Griffin C0
Richardson Pnot out56
Calvocoressi CJc Halstead Jb Roy M8
Onslow T (g)not out0
Richardson G (g)
Extrasb0 lb1 w7 nb3 pen011
Total (37.2 overs)256-8
Roy M11.017342 (6)0 (0)
Griffin C12.007531 (1)3 (3)
Eckett T4.003100 (0)0 (0)
Bullman J6.005710 (0)0 (0)
Loup G4.211900 (0)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: J Gundry-White
Scorers: DJ Gittings