BB V Old Amplefordians

Declaration match

Old Amplefordians - 323 - 3 declared

BB - 298-7

Result - Draw

The Season opener did not disappoint on a glorious bank holiday weekend at HQ.  Over 600 runs were notched up in an exciting draw, played on an absolute road that was the glorious Torry Hill wicket.

The unusually dry weather of late meant the outfield was lightening quick and having won the toss, against all advice BB decided to bowl, with Brother Norwood Hill giving his top order a chance to acclimatise to the conditions with 2 arduous sessions in the field. The high point being an ungainly run out by the skipper languishing at gully, thus bringing about a generous and early declaration from the opposition after only 40 overs.   

Chasing 323-3 declared, the second innings started well with Brothers Streatfeild (38), Jasper Smallwood (88) and Traill (44) all in the runs complimented by Brother Toby Marriott who filled his boots with a chanceless century red, leaving the field unvanquished on 111 Nelson with BB only 25 runs from snatching an unlikely and impressive victory.

The draw was a fair result, the day a fantastic opening salvo enjoyed by both teams who retired to the Chequers in Doddington for a debrief. The cracking show put up by BB, as well as the spirit in which the match was played bodes well for a promising Season ahead!

Brother Alex Norwwod Hill - Hon Match Secretary BB

Band of Brothers v Old Amplefordians
Sunday, April 30 2017 (11:32) at Torry Hill
Band of Brothers won toss and decided to field
Old Amplefordians
Greaves O+not out149
Codrington Lc Traill SGb Smallwood JJC78
O'Kelly Cb Traill SG14
Clapham Jrun out (Norwood Hill A.G)53
Faulkner A*
Faulkner P
Ainscough H
Hawkesworth C
Wood O
Walker D
Woodhead F
Extrasb16 lb4 w8 nb1 pen029
Total (42.0 overs)323-3d
Meredith HJR10.005501 (2)0 (0)
Richardson P7.013301 (1)0 (0)
Henderson JM5.005000 (0)0 (0)
Rice AEH3.003200 (0)0 (0)
Smallwood JJC10.008213 (3)0 (0)
Traill SG6.003912 (2)0 (0)
Wilkes-Green JJ1.001200 (0)1 (1)
Band of Brothers
Smallwood JJCb Clapham J88
Streatfeild RBc Woodhead Fb Clapham J38
Traill SGlbwb Clapham J42
T Marriott THnot out111
Wilkes-Green JJb Clapham J0
Norwood Hill AG*c Greaves Ob Codrington L3
Henderson JMb Codrington L2
Whyte PJ+c and bCodrington L4
Rice AEHnot out0
Richardson P
Meredith HJR
Extrasb3 lb3 w4 nb0 pen010
Total (50.0 overs)298-7
Hawkesworth C7.005401 (1)0 (0)
Faulkner A6.012901 (1)0 (0)
Clapham J16.008640 (0)0 (0)
Ainscough H3.003001 (1)0 (0)
Wood O4.002600 (0)0 (0)
Codrington L11.023730 (0)0 (0)
Woodhead F3.003001 (1)0 (0)
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: B Hulks & E Stirzaker
Scorers: DJ Gittings & D Meredith