BB vs Sussex Martlets

BB 217-8 dec

Sussex Martlets 218 -6

Martlets Win

A hot summers day, 11 men and a wicket akin to the M25 were all but present in what can only be described as a winter warm down at Torry Hill. Following the usual midweek scramble for players in an ever-growing hostile business environment for the young working gent, the BB team emerged with 10 players - Manager Hulbert Jnr channelled his inner Solskjaer overseeing a deadline day to forget as more excuses were made than by the guards of Troy whom, I can imagine, had some explaining to do post-blunder.

I digressed.

The BB’s captain won a vital toss and, having told every man and their dogs how flat the deck always is, had a bat. From the side-line it was clear one of two things was happening – a) Brothers Boucher and Pollington had decided to try to learn the craft of batting left handed or b) it may have been a little more lively than previous outings would suggest. 

Despite the jury still being out, both Boucher (33 from 64) and Pollington (15 from 42) grafted hard and set a base for the middle order. Some choice shots and questionable attention spans couldn’t quite manage the impressive leg spin and seam combination of Nick Peters and Jordan Shaw and the BB quickly slumped to 65-5.  Despite Matt Deveson’s Noble 7 from 46 balls, Toby Russell-Vick’s valiant 0 from 10 balls and Esquire Norwood-Hill’s whirlwind 4 from 7 balls, all hope was not yet lost.

With Fred Hulbert, a relatively accomplished lower order plodder, having been asked by his slightly more dashing younger sibling to see out 20 minutes until lunch alongside specialist chatsman Matt Simpson, the skipper soon scrambled to get his pads on when Fred decided attack was the best form of defence. 

Much to the delight of the team, this tactic paid off as BB entered the break at 97-5 looking slightly more positive. The lunch break passed without drama but with the Martlets firmly in the driving seat with the BB looking like the tin cans on the back of the wedding car.

Hulbert Snr and Simpson came out aggressively after lunch, Fred sending the ball towards the model railway and Matt sending air particles in a similar direction as his tactic of play and miss until Fred is on strike paid dividends.  

Matt Simpson (18 off 45), having put on 91 with Fred, was finally undone by a ball he described as “Gatting-esque.” This brought the skipper to the crease, a brief spell of brotherly swatting was ended when Fred was removed for an innings saving 76 from 83 balls. I then proceeded to the clear the left leg at every opportunity and helpful partnerships with Jamie Henderson (2 from 6 balls) and Jack Hosgood (1* from 9), putting on 11 and 28 respectively, saw the BB finish with 217-8 declared from lots of overs.

After early movement and glimpses of a Broad-Trent Bridge style opening spell from Hosgood and Henderson, the Martlets opening pair of T Malcolm and H Loughton (100*) proved too strong as they survived until tea on 71 without loss.

Tea happened.

This fuelled a Mitchell Johnson style bumper-yorker spell from myself, which to any onlooker would probably have seemed more Mitchell and Webb as the ball seemed to end up anywhere other than the fielders trembling hands.

The pick of the bowlers was Toby Russell-Vick who hit his nagging length with Simpson up to the stumps and finished with 3-44 off 7 overs. Simpson, despite trying to do his best impression of a blind man with no hands for most of the afternoon, snaffled an impressive catch to leave the Martlets 136-4 and in danger of suffering a very English collapse. Wickets tumbled as Pollington took 2 for 26 from his 6 overs but the BB found it hard to catch the ball as the temperatures lowered to sub-arctic in the late afternoon.  A brief spell from Norwood-Hill was a last ditch attempt from the captain to prevent his early departure, but the seasoned DJ had seen enough and abandoned ship just as the game approached its final hour.

Despite slipping to 197-6, the Martlets held on to take victory by 4 wickets. Hands were shaken and emotions were stirred but the BB couldn’t quite produce the Champagne moment to get over the line.

I would like to thank the umpire Dick Ellis, scorer Mo Sher and Lady Kingsdown for their time and hospitality. The Martlets for providing another great cricket match. And finally the 10 the gave up their Tuesday to play for the BB, its much appreciated and always a pleasure!

Friendly Band of Brothers XI v Sussex Martlets XI
Tuesday, September 03 2019 (11:34) at Torry Hill
Sussex Martlets XI Won By 4 wickets
Band of Brothers XI won toss and decided to bat
Band of Brothers XISussex Martlets XI
217 for 8 dec (57.0 overs)218 for 6 (34.0 overs)
3 Hours, 2 Minutes.2 Hours, 24 Minutes.
Band of Brothers XI
T Pollingtonc T Malcolmb B Davies154244203535.71
T Boucherb N Peters336472705251.56
M Devesonc and bN Peters74652104215.22
T Russell-Vicklbwb N Peters0101200100.00
A Norwood-Hilllbwb S Kojak47410657.14
Fred Hulbertc T Malcolmb B Davies7683741115191.57
M Simpson+b N Peters184554203440.00
Finn Hulbert*not out4730315211156.67
J Hendersonb B Davies26700433.33
J Hosgoodnot out191000811.11
Extras5b 9lb 0w 0nb 0pen14
Provisional Score For Innings217
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total217for 8
J Burrows6.02700 (0)0 (0)310.001.1700
B Davies15.027030 (0)0 (0)6430.004.67112
J Shaw7.031500 (0)0 (0)360.002.1430
N Peters12.033740 (0)0 (0)5318.003.0831
S Kojak11.014910 (0)0 (0)4766.004.4590
G Read6.002500 (0)0 (0)220.004.1730
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Pollington1-3737T Pollington (15) T Boucher (22)13.3
T Boucher2-5821T Boucher (11) M Deveson (6)21.5
T Russell-Vick3-580T Russell-Vick (0) M Deveson (0)25.3
A Norwood-Hill4-635A Norwood-Hill (4) M Deveson (0)26.5
M Deveson5-652M Deveson (1) Fred Hulbert (1)29.3
M Simpson6-15691M Simpson (18) Fred Hulbert (68)48.2
Fred Hulbert7-17822Fred Hulbert (7) Finn Hulbert (15)51.4
J Henderson8-18911J Henderson (2) Finn Hulbert (9)53.6
Sussex Martlets XI
T Malcolmb Finn Hulbert232744502085.19
H Loughtonnot out1009814416154102.04
M Lovedaylbwb T Pollington0770070.00
P Roperb T Pollington2626304118100.00
M Reeve+c M Simpsonb T Russell-Vick31617001418.75
J Shawc Fred Hulbertb T Russell-Vick57810571.43
G Readc Fred Hulbertb T Russell-Vick211522203140.00
B Daviesnot out9101220790.00
N Peters
S Kojak
J Burrows*
Extras14b 4lb 11w 2nb 0pen31
Provisional Score For Innings218
Penalties awarded following Innings0
Total218for 6
J Hosgood4.003103 (3)1 (1)160.007.7560
J Henderson4.003002 (6)0 (0)160.007.5050
T Pollington6.002620 (0)0 (0)2518.004.3331
Finn Hulbert6.022011 (1)0 (0)2937.003.3340
T Russell-Vick7.004431 (1)1 (1)2314.676.2960
A Norwood-Hill2.001000 (0)0 (0)60.005.0010
Fred Hulbert5.003900 (0)0 (0)120.007.8051
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
T Malcolm1-7171T Malcolm (23) H Loughton (30)9.1
M Loveday2-732M Loveday (0) H Loughton (1)10.5
P Roper3-11340P Roper (26) H Loughton (12)18.3
M Reeve4-13623M Reeve (3) H Loughton (14)22.4
J Shaw5-15216J Shaw (5) H Loughton (10)24.6
G Read6-19745G Read (21) H Loughton (21)30.5
Match Report
Man of the Match:Hector Loughton
Sussex Martlets win by 4 wickets.

Umpires: Jim Lock and Barry Hulks

Note: Band of Brothers only had 10 players.
Weather: Sunny Pitch: Hard
Umpires: J Lock & B Hulks
Scorers: M Sher