The Books


As most Brethren will be aware, the Club possesses what is thought to be the oldest complete set of records of any cricket club, not only in this country but probably the world.


These records are contained in 18 separate volumes known to Brethren as "The BB Books" and cover the entire history of the Club since it's formation in 1858. Many of the volumes are embellished with exquisitely hand illustrated decorations and cartoons and contain the scorecards of all the recorded 2023 matches played by the Club up to the end of the 2000 season, the averages for each season, all the fixture cards, all The Chief's annual letters and other communications to Brethren and a large number of photographs and dinner menu cards.

In order to protect the information contained in The BB Books, the Benevolent Board have in the past year made arrangements to have them copied by means of computer scanned coloured images which have been converted on to one Compact Disc. As a result, a copy of these precious records now exists for posterity should any unforeseen disaster occur to any one or all of the original 18 volumes of The BB Books.

Duplicate copies of this CD can be produced reasonably cheaply and the Benevolent Board are therefore now offering Brethren the exclusive opportunity, if they so wish, to purchase a copy of this CD for £15 including postage, packing and operating instructions. Brethren wishing to take advantage of this unique opportunity should contact the Hon.Secretary, enclosing a cheque for £15 made payable to "The Band of Brothers".