Tents are provided for the use of Brethren and their guests in order to watch the Kent County Cricket Club (“KCCC”) four-day Championship matches during the Tunbridge Wells and Canterbury Festival Weeks.  BB pays the whole of the cost of the Tent at Canterbury. We share a Tent with the Kent CCC at Tunbridge Wells. There are no Tent Entry Fees and young Brethren are very welcome. 

Lunch and/or tea are available in the Tents on each of the first three days of the relevant Championship match during which a cash bar will be in operation.   Morning coffee, a three course lunch, and afternoon tea will cost around £40 per head per day. ‘Mess Bills’ must be settled on the day either by cash or by cheque as the KCCC Catering staff are not equipped to accept credit cards. Others can purchase less expensive snack food elsewhere on the relevant ground. 

 Those requiring lunch are requested to book in with the relevant Tent Manager in advance by no later than 9.00am 7 clear days before the first day of the relevant Week as final lunch numbers for each day of the relevant Week have to be submitted to the KCCC Caterers at that time so that they can purchase in advance the correct amount of food for each day (the menus change each day) and engage the appropriate number of casual Bar and Waitress staff. Cancellations of lunch bookings after that time will have to be paid for in full as we are from that moment on contracted to pay the Caterers in full unless the relevant Tent Manager is able to cover one or more of the cancellations as a result of a late booking. If you do have to cancel, please make sure that your cancellation (if made by either email, post or telephone answering machine) has been acknowledged by the relevant Tent Manager.

Dress is jacket and tie.


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